Friday, February 20, 2015

Bernie Mac

Oh Bernie Mac
I'm so sad that you're dead
I think it really is
A shame

Bernie Mac
You were quite famous
For doing various things
In the entertainment business

Oh Bernie Mac
You had a TV show
Called The Bernie Mac Show
That shows a certain lack of originality
Even though Dick can Dyke and Bill Cosby and Mary Tyler Moore did similar things
If everybody did it, TV would be a bit dull really
You wouldn't call The Shield The Michael Chiklis Show
But I suppose it's all right

It was apparently quite popular
Even though I must say
I never watched it
I saw the ads for it and thought no that really doesn't look like something I'd enjoy
Kudos on having a TV show

Oh Bernie Mac
You were in movies, like Ocean's Eleven
That was a good movie
Although to be honest you added very little to it
But still I admire you for being in it
Much as I admire Peter Sumner for his small part in Star Wars Episode IV
I don't think of Peter Sumner as being much of a movie star
But it was pretty cool he was in Star Wars
Like it's pretty cool you were in Ocean's Eleven
You're the black Peter Sumner
I can imagine you starring in Black Cluedo hosted by Black Ian MacFadyen
You would be Black Colonel Mustard
Black Andrew Daddo would be Black Professor Plum
The funny thing is everyone else would just be the original cast member with "black" in front of their names, but you'd still be Bernie Mac
It would be a way to cash in on your TV show's popularity
I suppose when I remember you, it's this unusual fantasy about you starring in a negroid version of an unsuccessful interactive Australian mystery series that I will remember most
That and the laughter

Oh Bernie Mac
You were in other movies
Like the one with Chris Rock, and the one with the baseball
I don't think many people watched them
But kudos on being in movies
It's more than most people do

Oh Bernie Mac
You also did stand-up comedy
I never saw it because it's not really my thing but I heard somebody say
It was pretty funny
I believe them, even though I expect
I wouldn't have enjoyed it that much
But I still admire you for giving it a go
If you get my drift
I don't think I need to personally enjoy your work in order to admire your achievements
Although it would help, obviously

Oh Bernie Mac
You were quite famous
Definitely more famous than Jeremy London
But probably less famous than the Pope
You fit into that particular niche really well
Kudos on that

Oh Bernie Mac
You were pretty famous and quite successful and certain people found you quite entertaining
I can't offer an opinion
One way or another
Because I had only a passing familiarity
With your career
It's a shame that you're dead
But I know that I
Will always remember you

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